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Payroll Services

Monthly Payroll Services

Payroll is information associated with an organization’s human resources and their payments. Effective payroll encompasses employee leave administration and tax liabilities.

SARS (South African Revenue Services) requires employers to collect employee tax. The tax collected is PAYE (Pay As You Earn), which the employer pays to SARS at regular intervals. The ratio of tax collected is set by SARS and published once a year in tax tables.

Other funds that an employee may qualify to contribute to is UIF and SDL. UIF is the Unemployment Insurance Fund and SDL is the Skills Development Levy.

Generally speaking, all payments received by an employee is taxable. Some indirect payments are fringe benefits. The payroll administrator accounts for medical aid, pension fund contributions, and travel allowances. Thus effective payroll becomes important to ensure an organization complies with relevant laws.

Mighty Bookkeepers offers payroll services to our clients, which include employee payslips. Thus, our clients can focus on growing their business while we take care of their payroll. We take care of everything payroll including the following:

Preparation and maintenance of monthly payroll services
Issuing of payslips for all employees
Preparation of bank file for payments
Tax calculation on salaries
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Why You Should Choose Us as Your Payroll Services Provider?

At Mighty Bookkeepers, we prioritize building long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our aim is to provide you with a personalized and professional service that comes with transparent costs and a commitment to your business’s success.

In addition to payroll services, we offer a comprehensive range of related services that can benefit your business, including accounting, tax, and secretarial services.

With years of experience providing payroll services in various regions of South Africa, we are confident that we can meet your payroll needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and we will work with you to tailor a solution that fits your business’s unique needs.

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